Integration options

There's hundreds of third party products and services out there that can really enhance your website. We've made it straightforward to integrate the most popular ones to make your website even better - and if we don't support what you want out of the box, there's the ability to add custom code or talk to us about ways around it.

Some of the integrations we support straight away with your Cyclone CMS site include:

Google Analytics
Paste your Analytics tracking code into a dedicated part of our CMS and we'll do the rest to make sure it's in the right part of your pages. View site visitors in real time and historically on the Google Analytics Dashboard and grow traffic using this valuable information. This is also great for SEO.

Disqus Comments
Encourage engagement on your site via Disqus comments. We think it's the best way to allow visitors to comment as it supports guests and social logins. You can manage all of the comments through a Disqus account and it's fantastic at keeping spam comments away.

Social Media
All our sites are built with sharing options you can easily add to any page; for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and email. You can turn these on and off at any time. We also make it easy to add Facebook and Twitter profile widgets across the site to encourage interaction that way.

App Banners
Got an App for iOS? Make sure visitors are made aware of it when they land on your page by adding your app ID into the Dashboard. A banner will then display at the top of the page for any visitors to your website on an iOS device and using Safari, so the app can be quickly downloaded.

Add YouTube videos to your website quickly by copying embed code and inserting it into a dedicated block we've created in block builder. We'll take care of the formatting to make sure it looks perfect across all devices.

If you want to showcase great audio on your site, we recommend using AudioBoom. They're a great service who can make audio come to life on social - but their website widgets are great too and supported via their own blocks on Cyclone CMS.

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