Cyclone CMS

Powerful, yet instinctively easy to use.


Our content management system, designed and built in-house to manage websites and apps we design of all sizes and requirements.

Packed with all of the essential features for your site, we can design an incredible site for your business and still give you the freedom and flexibility to manage the content yourself.

Our process

We like to keep the whole journey simple but effective


What is the purpose of your site? We start there and establish how we can meet your objectives.


We specialise in clean, modern, responsive design. We get to the point quickly but with style.


Our developers and designers build the site on our platform and make sure it’s easy to use.


We hand it over for you to populate with content and put it to work for your business.


Blogs & Articles
Quick and easy to do with a WYSIWYG editor and our incredible ‘block builder’ to place and move content on a page.

Manage and group content on the site with ease, with the ability to use sub categories and display category content with ease.

Form builder
A quick and easy tool to create detailed forms, with powerful tools to do more with your data after it’s been gathered.

Create picture galleries quickly and easily and re-arrange pictures with our drag and drop manager. Over 50GB of media space!

Manage multiple navigation menus on your site with a few clicks, adding new options and removing old ones quickly.

Simple on the surface but with powerful options to help you create a range of diverse pages that work perfectly on mobile.

If your site has widgets, our widget builder lets you create multiple bars to use on various pages through the site.

Create re-usable page templates for the site to save you time later. Our team will build your initial ones to help you get started.

Manage integrations and site settings in one place. Add Analytics, app banners and custom code if you know it!



In-depth functionality

SEO Integration

Every page optimised for search engines, custom options to take it further.

Integration options

Google Analytics, Disqus comments, ComScore plus many other options.

Block builder

Our easy way to build up great content on your pages, block by block.

Scheduled content

Plan content in advance and time it to appear and disappear from the site.

Built for social

Share your content straight to Facebook and Twitter - and make sure it looks great.

Custom functionality

Need something special for your site that you can’t get anywhere else?

Why use Cyclone CMS?

Simple to use but incredibly powerful

We've put a lot of time into creating something that’s lightweight, fast and incredibly flexible. It enables us to create fantastic websites - whilst still retaining a user friendly interface that you and your team will understand.

If you’ve used a website content management system before, chances are you’ll be able to pick it up straight away without any training, maybe just a few pointers here and there. We have done this by design in our aim to make it what we call ‘instinctively easy’.

Why build our own CMS?

We had a number of clients come to us who had some specific requirements and needs. We analysed a number of content management systems and found none of them could fit the brief fully, so we thought we’d make something that didn’t have compromises.

Why not just use Wordpress?

We find Wordpress to be incredibly clunky, bloated and slow on the front and back end and at times insecure when you start adding plugins. We found ourselves supporting problems more than creating new things and we could never get it to do exactly what we wanted.

Cyclone CMS has a similar feel to Wordpress in its functionality but it’s a fraction of the size of a standard Wordpress install and everything we add is written by us, so we know it all inside out and can provide outstanding levels of support and adaptability.  As a result, we think it's a bit safer and much more reliable.


What's included

Robust hosting

Everything is hosted on our servers so we can take the complications out of managing the site for you - but also control the environment the site works on to ensure it’s working exactly as it should and reliable. No more managing servers or databases!

Responsive design

With over 50% of web traffic now through mobile devices, your website needs to look its best on tablets and mobile too. You don't want visitors struggling to use your website and you will get kudos from Google if your site is properly optimised.

Great support

We're the people behind Cyclone CMS and as a result, we know it inside out and can react fast to fix problems or create fantastic solutions. Based in Leeds, we can get back to you quickly and help you out so you can get the most out of your site.

SEO Review

Before we put any site live, we go through it with a multi-point checklist to ensure it's as prepared as it can be to be seen on search engines and and climb the page result rankings. There's no point in a website if it can't be found.

Site showcase

See some of the sites using Cyclone CMS

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